Thursday, June 3, 2010

Luxury Summer Fragrance

A delicious treat from Jo Malone London

Amber Lavender by Jo Malone London

Jo Malone candles in Farrow and Ball colours !

Florida butterfly from Naples Botanical Garden

I was remembering how much I really enjoyed some Kiehl's talcum powder pour homme when I impulsively dialed up Saks to inquire as to its availability, and alas ! It's been discontinued ! It had the most subtle delicious scent ever. So, I came up with Jo Malone as an alternate, a departure from my usual Summer scent, Vetiver by Guerlain... I chose Amber Lavender, which is under the "spicy" category, although they offer some that sound positively seductive as well, such as Verbenas Provence... For the last two years I had been wearing an unusual fragrance called "Carthusia Uomo" - only available from Capri, Italy. It was a little too heavy and spicy for me, so I wanted something fresh, clean and very light for Summer 2010, and this JM I just purchased comes in a handy 1 ounce size, perfect for air travel. I slept like a baby in my Italian cotton sheets with just a hint of amber lavender on my skin ! Those sheets have become very soft from lots of laundering, and I fell alseep reading a 1973 edition of "Miss Elizabeth Arden - an unretouched portrait" ! What a life she had ! DF*****