Friday, May 31, 2019

SUMMER 2019: Where Fantasy Meets Reality

Renzo Mongiardino for Drue Heinz

I chose this image to represent my summer and all my dreams coming true- Heather Clawson of habitually chic had posted about the sale of the Drue Heinz estate yesterday- And I admired the hand painted mural behind the gilt console as a fabulous example of fantasy meeting reality- (and notice the unicorn!!)

Looking forward to upcoming trips- plus seeing the new "Rocket Man" the story of Bernie Taupin transforming  Sir Elton John- When I was a lad of 17, I met Stan Topol who eventually did extensive interior design work for Sir Elton- Stan was the chairman of the interior design department when I attended the art institute of Atlanta- In Alana Hamilton's biography "rearview mirror" she mentions that her husband Rod Stewart was good friends with Elton John also- They had funny nicknames for each other too-

I enjoy watching television especially the bravo network where I saw my friend Mario Buatta with his client in Charleston- on "Southern Charm" - But my favorite program is called "project runway" and there's a girl on there that I'm very partial to and her name is Hester Sunshine - She is now in the top four and I'm rooting for her to win the big $300,000 purse plus mentorship with CFDA and being published in Elle magazine- Follow Hester on Instagram- ( @besta_hesta ) she's an authentic talent with star potential following in the path of Betsy Johnson.

Years ago I saw the documentary film "queen of Versailles " about Jackie Siegel building her dream house near Orlando Florida- So recently I met the charming and beautiful Pamela Smith who is best friends with Jackie and she has invited me to the grand opening party of Jackie's "Versailles" - Pamela has already been to the house and seen the progress which has been 15 years in the making and just Jackie's dressing room alone is over 4000 ft.² !  The icing on the cake is that Pamela and Jackie were flown to Nice by Bravo and will be featured on "below deck" ! Can't wait ! See you in September!  DF

Monte Carlo