Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kravet Naples Opening Party

Striking a pose, New Kravet showroom, Bunny wallpaper by Hunt Slonem for Groundworks

Last night, Billy and I attended the re-opening of the Naples Kravet showroom~ formerly located in the Miromar Design Center in Estero, Kravet has moved into a beautiful re-habbed building in downtown Naples.  Hundreds of designers and trade professionals showed up, and the catering and drinks were superb.  Congrats to Amy Jimenez and her team for a beautiful evening out!  DF *****

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Le Style Anglaise: Slipper Chairs

Slipper Chairs from Linda, Calling It Home
Really, what could be nicer than having a new friend?  And a new friend who "gets" you!  Nothing could be nicer~ and my new friend, and fellow design blogger, Linda, of Calling It Home, and creator of the One Room Challenge is a fabulous lady with a ton of style and California cool.  She just asked me if I'd like to have these beautiful, English style chairs, dressed in a sepia toned Robert Allen toile...aren't they great?  I think even Princess Pyne would agree! Oh, and Linda moved down here from New Jersey!  Small world.  Linda and I met through the blogosphere, and the rest is history.

DFID (C) 2015
As you can see, I've brought the fun ikat rug back into this small room, to break up the boring bourgeois darkness of the space.  I like the palette even better with these chairs added in to the mix.  They (Slipper chairs) look good anywhere you put them, and like Billy Baldwin, I love seeing them in a living room as opposed to a bedroom.  When Linda showed me the chairs, I was instantly reminded of Peter Hood, John Fowler's last assistant, and also of Albert and Sister, and Nancy "Princess" Pyne...even the Pyne chintz by Schumacher somewhat.

Slipper chair on ikat rug (Feizy)
Perhaps one day I'll get around to ordering the "Les Touches" from Brunschwig for these little jewels, although I would probably just slipcover them, since they look so handsome as they are.  Enjoy!  DF *****

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Mysterious Mr. Mont

A James Mont  case piece, Todd Merrill via NYSD

If you read my post about the late designer (and mentor of mine) George Clarkson, you may recall that I had a small black lacquer desk that was possibly a James Mont piece.  The dealer Todd Merrill, in New York, specializes in James Mont- and this Summer when I was visiting Tom Britt in Watermill, I learned that Todd had opened a Southampton branch of his eponymous gallery.  These images are from the NYSD article on Todd Merrill the dealer-and a gent who is working in his Southampton gallery was planning to join us for dinner when we were at the Britt estate, but had to cancel at the last minute.  Do read the Antiques magazine piece on James Mont, it's very interesting- here by Gregory Cerio.

James Mont table, Tommy Parzinger cabinet, Merrill collection, via NYSD

Screen behind stairs, James Mont, Merrill collection, via NYSD

Lamps, James Mont, chests, Tommy Parzinger, Merrill collection, via NYSD
So then, to make things even more bizarre ~ fitting, since the story of James Mont is so strange and wicked~ my good friend Linda, creator of Calling It Home (design blog), just gave me these fabulous small Asian looking (James Mont looking!) tables!  I think she said they had belonged to her husband's grandmother.  They have gold veined mirror inset into the tops, and are in perfect condition.  Crazy for these!  Thanks again dear Linda!

Small table, possibly a James Mont? One of a pair
I'd purchased my writing table which appeared to be a Mont, from the fabulous dealer Bobby Gingold, back in the roaring 1980's - it was missing it's drawer pulls- but otherwise was in pristine condition.  Then, due to renting a very old truck, I suffered a fire, which damaged the desk, and after bringing it down to Florida, I ended up giving it to my old friend Martin McMahon.  I assume he still has it.  DF *****

Friday, October 2, 2015

Book: Parish-Hadley, Tree of Life

Great new book

How wonderful this new book is, and for those who may not know, the cover room belongs to New Jersey socialite Mrs. Nancy "Princess" Pyne...Albert was so proud of having retained the original paint in this room.  Click here to read an interesting (and funny) article by William Norwich...the new book, by Parish-Hadley veterans Bunny Williams and Brian McCarthy, is an excellent insiders look at the world of truly "high-end" decorating ( a term neither Albert nor Mrs. Parish would have ever used) and gives valuable insight for those in the trade who have an interest in this sort of thing.  Please pass the canapés ! Enjoy!  DF *****


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Richard Giglio, R.I.P.

Angelo Donghia, sitting under one of his Richard Giglio works, via AD

I've written here before about the time I was taken to the Manhattan residence of the late, legendary interior designer, Angelo Donghia.  What I may not have mentioned was the impact his collection of works on paper by the late artist, Richard Giglio made on me~ dynamite !

Richard Giglio, via Facebook, Raymond Diskin Black

Angelo Donghia

Richard Giglio, studio, via Facebook, Raymond Diskin Black

Angelo Donghia, 1976

You see, there was the most wonderful atmosphere of glamour, artistry, excitement, and freshness, in the house of Donghia~ it was sensational!  These pictures don't fully capture the ethereal and New York-in-the-seventies vibe that was going on, but as I've said before, the combination of satin, bleached floors, lacquered walls, and silver tea papered ceilings is enough to send anybody over the moon! 

Thanks to dear friend Julie Britt for introducing me to her friend Raymond Diskin Black and the world of Giglio...!  I'm hoping to perhaps acquire a Giglio of my very own one day.  Hoping this post inspires you too!  DF *****

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall 2015 INSPIRATION: Atlanta Style

Book by Danielle Rollins

Miles Redd for Schumacher

Miles Redd for Danielle Rollins via Veranda

Miles Redd for Schumacher

This chair epitomizes gracious Atlanta Style

DFID, my recent floral arrangement inspired by Atlanta Style

These blackamoor busts from Christie's are Atlanta Style

Miles Redd, via AD
When two talented people meet, both from Atlanta, a fabulous thing happens! A synthesis of well bred, informed, fun, classical and up- to- date, gracious, and elegant elements converge...creating my inspiration for Fall 2015 !  Enjoy!  DF *****
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Saturday, September 19, 2015

INSPIRATION: Home Sweet Home

Dean Farris Interior Design (c) 2015
I know, you're probably thinking, oh boy, here he goes again, showing his living room ~ in Naples ~ but it's home sweet home baby, love it or leave it! 
Looking forward to the weather change, and some cooler, less humid days...I chose to re-post this image today, since I just finished being awesomely and blown away- inspired by the new Schumacher News story on Miles Redd, where Dara Caponigro gave him twelve editorial pages to show whatever inspired him and his new fabric and wallpaper collection.  (see my earlier post on Miles Redd for F Schumacher) Enjoy! DF *****
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jewel of a Jardin

Russell Page
I do see a connection between the design of a garden, and the design of a diamond bracelet...

Bodysgallen, Wales, UK
Intricate, time consuming, and nourishing the soul and the spirit!

Tiffany and Co.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Real Charleston

The Citadel, Charleston, SC
SAVE THE MALES, the bumper sticker said, on the back of a crusty looking station wagon, or was it the ubiquitous SUV?

Billy and I had been visiting Charleston, and went over to the Citadel for a visit, since his son had gone there on a football scholarship.  The Citadel is the real thing, and like a West Point of the south.  You'll see the cadets in their uniforms on the streets- and they add a character to a place already loaded with it.  Add to this, the famous Spoleto festival, and you have a potent mix of history, culture, and sense of place.

via Calling It Home

This wonderful sense of place, the authentic quality, draws people like the designer Carolyne Roehm, and the image above reminded me of her- CR is someone who can make the sometimes hackneyed idea of a blue and white table setting seem new and fresh again.  That talent is one that can be learned, via years of exposure, travel, and study. 
My absolute favorite time of year to visit old Charleston, is in the Spring, when the azaleas are blooming.  Book a trip now!  Enjoy!  DF *****
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Progress on Plymouth

Louise Wilcox Cronan Interiors, Palm Beach, FL

of the most talented women
I know, Louise Wilcox Cronan, is a decorator who knows how to get the job done.  Here's a progress shot of her new living room in West Palm Beach, showing a glimpse of her fabulous taste level and color sense.   

This is just a quick running out the door shot, so please do overlook the lived in look, but I think it's absolutely gorgeous and totally Louise.  Stay tuned for more "pulled together" shots soon!  DF *****

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