Friday, February 25, 2011

Room of the Week, Naples



I chose to feature my very own living room today - inspired by legendary fashion designers such as CHANEL, YSL, and CHRISTIAN DIOR, it's a throwback to a time when elegance and refinement were highly valued and sought after. Louis XV revival style has had several incarnations, and never seems to die, just wane in and out. I do need two upholstered chairs to complete the look, would like to order them from DeAngelis in New York. A fun counterpoint would be the two Barcelona chairs a new client here would like to dispose of. I know I've featured this room many times before on DFS, but it seems to change and grow all the time, as we make small adjustments here and there. I'm constantly moving things around!

Just received some ravishing samples from the new Suzanne Tucker Home collection, and look forward to sharing these with you next week! Enjoy the weekend! DF *****


  1. Dean GORGEOUS living right up my alley!! Can't imagine it needs any help....fabulous. I love the new S.Tucker collection also..very pretty. I would like to think high design, refinement and elegance are all making a comeback...I sure hope so!

  2. Dear Tina,

    Thanks! I love your blog. Hope to hear from you again soon. Good luck with the new house! Am sure it will be a true masterpiece!

    Dean Farris