Friday, September 20, 2013

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

1962 Silver Cloud seen in Naples

I think one of the most elegant cars ever made was the heavenly Rolls Royce Silver Cloud series.  Made from 1955 to 1966, these cars still command handsome prices, and there was also a convertible or drophead, as they called it.  The Sultan of Brunei had a red one, which is currently on the market.  The Cloud shown above, is sitting in Naples right now, it's a 1962 model, with only 52,000 miles, and the owner is asking $49,900.00 The paint is black, and the hides are tan colour.  The chic black paint reminded me of a taffeta dress on Grace Kelly-

Above, one of my favorite portraits of her- if she had been a car, it would have been a Silver Cloud- the ultimate elegance of the car and the lady inspire me, and excite me, in the same way that I get excited about rococo furniture and decorative  arts.  I hope that these images will inspire you too, and make a better day happen for you!  Cheers!  DF *****


  1. yes, you are right Grace would have been a silver cloud. Great photos.

  2. Dear Peggy , I'm glad you like this post, beauty and glamour always inspire me.


  3. Babe and Bill Paley were driven in the most gorgeous Silver Cloud in the best color combo. Sand over sable. Perfection!!

    1. Dear Foodie, How exciting to hear this! Did you ever see them in it? Would love to hear more-



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