Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Healing Waters, Agostinos

The fountain at Agostinos Plaza, Naples

Today is a glorious weather day, here in sunny Naples- and yesterday, I visited one of my favorite sources for designer goodies, Agostinos- and also Profloors- while there,  I took time to reflect on the memorial of 9-11- and felt that this image, was soothing, and even healing, being a trickling fountain of cool waters... hoping that, wherever you are in the world, that some kind of inner peace can be yours, if only for a moment.  Enjoy!  DF*****

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  1. Dear readers,
    At Agostinos, I selected a handsome Louis XV style mantel, from Florence, for my new flat- and at ProFloors a very attractive hand scraped wood floor, also for my new Naples flat-! Stay tuned!



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