Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mark Hampton On Fireplaces

From "Mark Hampton On Decorating" 1989 Random House

Continuing in the theme of mantels and fireplaces, I was perusing my library for images of decorative treatments of mantels- and came across this amazing Mark Hampton watercolor rendering, from his 1989 book "Mark Hampton On Decorating" -which has a whole chapter devoted to fireplaces. Above, the blue room is from George Stacey's work for Vincent Astor in the 1940's.  There is a new book by Maureen Footer coming out on the work of George Stacey- see The Devoted Classicist for more information.

Above, Marks' rendering of fashion designer Christian Diors' Paris house, resonated with me because it shows an English leather chesterfield facing the fireplace- something we're planning for my new Naples flat.  While the famous decorator Georges Geffroy retained the Louis XVI mantel, I found it an odd coincidence that I just happened upon this image after we had already purchased an antique chesterfield, and a new Louis style mantel, albeit Louis XV- !  Mr. Hampton died, after an illustrious career, in July, 1998, and his work is being carried on by his elegant daughter, Alexa, who is also coming out with a new book- stay tuned for more to follow- Cheers!  DF ***** 

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