Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Jewelry of the Room

 Remember when we posted about the Kirkeby estate- in Bel Air?  The chandelier there, a fabulous Waterford, was reported to be 10 feet in diameter- and we scaled this one here in Cupola House- to fit the size of our Foyer, (16' x 21') creating a grand piece of "jewelry" for the space.  We also have three matching sconces going up the staircase.  This chandelier and sconces will dress up the "country" look we are planning for the new house- stay tuned for more progress shots...DF *****  


  1. Wonderful.

    1. Dear Peggy,
      Thanks for your comment- it's been over two years since we began planning Cupola House, and now, the clients have begun to move in- we are taking our time with the decorating- another two to four years...!



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