Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sourcing in Maine

Recently, Ric Jorgensen of Wells, Maine, has been sending some delightful images to us, here at DFID.  This "Bilboa" mirror is a real charmer...

Ric also sent to us an image from his current stock of a beautiful, single size sleigh bed, with a crazy low price of about $2,800 - how great would this be for a young mans' bedroom?

It's French, early 19th century, known as "Charles X" style- a great bargain, and most definitely a good investment.  I would most likely tent the room in a blue and ivory stripe, using the same material for the bed coverlet- so that the teenager using the space could grow into it, and then, when he moves out (if he ever does) it could be used for a guest bedroom.  I do think a trip up to Maine is in order- 
would love to visit friends from PB there- here is the address for Ric Jorgensen in case you go- 502 Post Road, US Rte 1, Wells, Maine 04090  telephone (207) 646-9444 Enjoy!  DF *****   

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  1. Readers, This shop and gallery is just north of Boston, near where my designer friends Scott and Susan (of Theo and Isabella Design) live and work- DF


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