Sunday, August 18, 2013

Get The Look!

Ronald Bricke and Associates, Inc.
I was thrilled to see this designer living room, from the private residence of Ronald Bricke, on New York Social Diary...I immediately was reminded of the time I was taken to the townhouse of Angelo Donghia- and how the arrangement in the downstairs white lacquered drawing room had a wild chic and flair.  Well- guess what?  Ronald Bricke worked for Angelo- many moons ago, when AD was associated with Yale Burge, the country french specialist.  Mentioned in the excellent piece on NYSD, was how, when Ronald was a student at Parsons, he was entered into a design contest, and Salvador Dali and the Duchess of Windsor were judges- and of course Ronald was the big winner - a trip to Europe paid for by the Duke!  A similar thing happened to me in design school in New York, and my project was published in "Interior Design" and there was enough cash involved that I was encouraged to fund the Glenn Boyles Memorial Scholarship...which I did.  Mr. Boyles had been at Parsons, and taught many of the top designers, including, I imagine, Mr. Ronald Bricke.  The 1995 Kips Bay showhouse contained an amazing bedroom by Ronald, featuring a very tall tester bed, with a baroque cornice, painted white.  The hangings were in a deep anthracite, and the walls were in a dark cocoa.  He used a rag rug under the bed, from Margareta Nettles, of Nantucket.  The fabrics were by Schumacher.  I will try and post this image for you so you can see it.  Also, tonight I met a wonderful designer, William Murphy, who just moved to town from Atlanta.  His Buckhead house was featured in "Traditional Home" - you may recall- and he is very talented.  Bill will be living down the street from me- check out his site- Cheers!  DF *****   


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    I was (a guest) in Jim Essary's house in Charlotte in 1975- and it was very beautiful and tasteful. He was probably the top decorator in Charlotte at that time. I know that he died in 2011, however, as far as I can see the site is still up. It's unfortunate when success has the by-product of petty jealousy, and I'm sorry if my post upset you, it was certainly not intentional. "We" are sorry...thanks for the comments!



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