Monday, August 12, 2013

Seen at Webster and Company

Billy and I were recently shopping for clients at our favorite west coast showroom, called Webster and Company, which is based in Boston, but has a nice space here in the Miromar Design Center...and I very much liked this bleached glazed well as the petite Louis XV style chair wearing a pretty cotton print.  We just got back from a trip to Palm Beach, and had a fun evening on Saturday with old friends at the Colony Hotel, where once the Duke and Duchess of Windsor stayed - I also had time to squeeze in the new Woody Allen masterpiece, "Blue Jasmine" you must see this one- Cate Blanchett knocked it all the way out of the park and through the windows of the next co-op...Cheers!  DF ***** 


  1. Readers,

    Thanks to Mr. Rob Russell, of The Royal Room at The Colony, a good time was had by all...!



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