Saturday, December 15, 2012

Room of the Week, Mary McDonald

I like this room very much, by the California designer, Mary McDonald, and so, I thought I'd give her a gift, since she's one of my favorite stars of the new reality show, called Million Dollar Decorators- I feel as if I know Mary, and I love her look, and her personality too. 

From Mary McDonald Interiors, The Allure of Style, courtesy of Rizzoli
  I never knew that Mary went to Parsons, and had a career as a milliner! I'd love to see her in a hat, with a big brim, and a long satin ribbon...I'm sure she could pull that look off with aplomb!  There was a profile of Mary on first dibs, and it sparked my interest in this talented and very charming lady decorator.  Perhaps when I'm in L.A. I'll seek her out!  Stay tuned for more on darling Mary McDonald.  DF *****


  1. Love the bright yellow Mary used here

  2. Check out the Mary McDonald collection for Schumacher !


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