Friday, December 14, 2012

Rigaud Candles - Tres' Chic!

If you have someone truly special on your gift list this year, such as a decorator, or a person with a very high taste level, you may want to consider Rigaud.  Did you know that Jacqueline Kennedy used to burn the Rigaud candles in the White House? 

No doubt, Mrs. Kennedy preferred the original scent, first created in the late 1950's, by Mario Rigaud, called "Cypres'"  Maison Rigaud calls it "aromatic" - and interestingly to the design blog world, and others, in 1957, Mr. Rigaud created a perfume called "Eve Reve" which the famous tastemaker, Louise de Vilmorin called "the fragrance of paradise"... 

Jean-Baptiste Rigaud first arrived in Paris, in 1852.  In 1899, his widow, the Veuve Rigaud, took over the company he founded, followed by their son, Henri, in 1906.  In 1910 the house of Rigaud opened at the fashionable address of Rue de la Paix.  Later, around 1950, the first candle was developed, by Henri's son, Mario, and his wife Vivienne...  the products come to you in the most chic, beautiful, and classic packaging, which is a box printed in a black and white zebra motif, each candle then wrapped in a red tissue paper, and the glass container is wrapped with a small red satin bow, similar to the ones Tiffany uses at Christmas time.  I always think of the decorator showhouse, Kips Bay, in New York - all the decorators in the 1980's were burning the Rigaud candles like mad! 

I just this evening purchased two of the travel size, (30 hours of burn) from Gattle's here in Naples, a linen shop that is celebrating 100 years of business in Florida.  My friend there, Mary, had them ready for me when I arrived, and when I left, the faux snow was falling in big fluffy flakes everywhere!  (an annual holiday treat, it "snows" on Third Street South, thanks to machines which make a kind of snow, very charming!)  While the snow may not be "vrai" the candles certainly are, and they are the epitome of what I call an authentic classic.  Buy now at a shop near you!  DF *****   


  1. Mary, thanks for the heads up about the new antiques shop from Georgetown, here in Naples, went in yesterday and met Joe Miller, he has some tables by my old friend, the late Albert Hadley.


  2. I just read this....Rigaud-"Cypres'" my favorite smell for the home, what's good enough for Jackie is good enough for me. Love your blog..happy new year 2013

    1. Hi Peggy!

      Yes, they are the best of the best!



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