Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gaston y Daniela Lisboa Collection

I've always been drawn to the textiles created by Gaston y Daniela, for Brunschwig and Fils, now owned by Cary Kravet.  Here's the new "Lisboa"  collection - love the azulejos tiles in the background. 

Lisboa, by Brunschwig et Fils

We had used "Guatemala Cotton" by Gaston y Daniela, a few years ago at the Mini residence, here in Naples.  Here's a shot of the bed, we also used it for the draperies in that room...

Dean Farris Interior Design

I still love using printed materials, even though they are not as fashionable as they once were- (the 80's) and the charm and colour they bring to a space.  We used these cranberry and sage tones, as the client wanted to retain the look and feel of their former home in Aurora, Illinois.  Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!  DF*****


  1. Readers,
    Billy Baldwin used Gaston y Daniela for the tree of life fabrics in Diana Vreeland's Park Avenue living room and bedroom...


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