Friday, December 28, 2012

Decorator Scrapbook, Happy 2013!

This year absolutely flew by.  Looking forward to beginning a new year!  I feel like the real meaning of Christmas is pretty basic; family and friends.  That's it!  I received a copy of the new book "Ann Getty Interior Style" by Diane Dorrans Saeks (Rizzoli) and am really enjoying it.  Did you know that when Ann Getty travels, she takes the "Jetty" - her private 747...I just love that bit of trivia.  Her sense of design is truly scholarly, certainly exotic, and bedizened- (an interesting little known word, that means excessively ornate and highly decorated).  I find it, and her, truly inspiring.

Dining Room by Ann Getty Associates, San Francisco
Thanks to Ms. Saeks, we get to take a grand tour through the Ali babas cave of treasures collected by Ann Getty, a lady who admits to being terrified of Sister Parish, who helped her back in the 1970's- and that she "uses every inch" of her house.

Sitting Room, Dean Farris Interior Design, Naples

Here, I used some faux topiaries to great effect, and used items I already owned to create a semblance of the elegance that decorators long for.  We are so often like the shoemakers children, with no shoes of our own!  I'm sure that Ann Getty would love this chamber from the time of Marie Antoinette, as well as this beautiful garden room from the New York apartment of decorator Susan Gutfreund. (below)

Marie Antoinette's boudoir, Versailles

Garden Room, Susan Gutfreund, New York

 And here, (below) I used some existing furnishings in a Naples condo, and a Charleston townhouse- in the mood of luxury and elegance that we all long for, enriching our daily lives with that certain "je ne c'est quois" (please pardon my broken franglais!)

Living Room, Dean Farris Interior Design, Naples

Parlour, Dean Farris Interior Design, Charleston

Don't you agree that we all need some beauty, peace, and tranquility in our hectic lives?
I wish for you, dear readers, a new year of Peace, Love, and Spiritual and Worldly Beauty!

Here I am in Paris, Right Bank, 2007


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