Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thomas Pheasant

Interior design by Thomas Pheasant (for Baker)
One of my fondest memories, from when I lived briefly in Washington, DC, was getting to know the now famous designer, Tom Pheasant.  When I knew Tom then, he was working in the Georgetown office of Victor Shargai Associates, and he had such style and flair, you couldn't bury it under a bushel, as they used to say. 

For a while, I lived in one of his old apartments in Adams-Morgan, after he had moved a few doors down to a townhouse with the late architect, Jeffrey Gilbert.  I recall having a wonderful casual lunch on the terrace one summer, something chic like shrimp salad sandwiches.  We attended a few parties there, and it was always such fun. 

In a very funny candid interview with Apartment Therapy, Tom let it be known that he worked his way up the hard way, starting with folding samples in the back room of a local DC showroom.  He's very down to earth and not at all grand or pretentious, even though he now has a home in Paris, and Washington.  He also shared a funny story about putting black dye in his Mother's washing machine, since he wanted to change the color of the spread on his childhood (aged 9) bed.  Precocious?  Charming!  Check out the serene images on his site here... he also has a book Simply Serene (Rizzoli) Enjoy!  DF *****

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