Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Barn Billy Loved

Thomas Britt, via VERANDA

Thomas Britt (Tom) built this beautiful barn of a house when he was only 26, after visiting some friends who had a similar place.  Later, the famous society decorator, Billy Baldwin, visited Tom, and said he wouldn't change a thing. 

Coincidentally, both Albert Hadley and Billy had similar Summer abodes at various times in their lives.  I'm excited to be getting to see this famous designer barn myself, this coming weekend...there's a fun u-tube of Tom showing his property also if you're interested.  Enjoy!  DF *****  

Original sketch, Dean Farris, The Barn at Britthampton (c) 2015

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  1. Dean, at age 26, this fabulous space was certainly a harbinger of great things to come for Tom!
    Thank you so much for visiting, I agree with the comparison of Katz to Hockney's art, which I also love!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Alex Katz

  2. K,
    So nice of you to post this nice comment. For all I know, both Alex and David have been in this beautiful designer barn- since so many famous and talented artists have worked and lived in the Hamptons.

  3. We found out from Tom that BB had seen pictures of "the barn" and then sent Tom a letter. A very wonderful and beautifully written one admiring the creation of a Hamptons Masterpiece.