Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Southampton Dream Cottage

via Hernandez Greene Interior Design

So, yesterday, while checking in with the fabulous Tory Daily (Tory Burch Blog) I discovered this so charming and cute little grey cottage ~Tory featured it and the designers Hernandez Greene...I immediately fell in love with it!  It was love at first sight. 
In a few weeks I'll be in the Hamptons, so maybe I can find where this little charmer is and see it in person!  Do visit the Tory site to see more, or Hernandez Greene...the designers did an excellent job of making a small space feel larger, and very calm and beach-like, so suitable for the location.  Using a cool palette of soft blues and creams, with touches of straw on the floor and walls.  Just adorable.  Enjoy!  DF *****
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  1. Loved the Anatomy of a Room by Hernandez, Dean....thank you for your kind note.
    The Arts by Karena


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