Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Passion for Fashion

Iris Barrel Apfel via Bing Images

OK ! I saw the new film "Iris" last night, and haven't enjoyed anything so much since I saw the play about Diana Vreeland years ago, at the Manhattan Theater Club...(Full Gallop)...

This is what I saw when I came out of the cinema !
When one has a strong point of view, one has STYLE ! The fire of passion burns eternally for the shrines of fashion~and Iris certainly has the passion, the grand passion - she and her husband Carl, founded and ran the iconic textile house, OLD WORLD WEAVERS, for over forty years, then sold it to STARK...we represent both OWW and Stark in our showrooms, MP Interiors, at the fabulous Miromar Design Center.  This morning I reviewed some of Madame Apfels fabrics with a fresh eye, after having seen her in "Iris"~and I still vividly recall the Venetian elegance of her showroom at the D and D building.  It had the most sublime hushed and calm atmosphere...Enjoy! DF *****

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