Thursday, May 28, 2015

Brennan's Redux NOLA

Brennan's Chanteclair Room, Richard Keith Langham

I was delighted to see my old school classmate (FIT) Richard Keith Langham, featured in the new "Garden & Gun" ~as he's completed total renovations and decoration for the venerable dining establishment, Brennan's of New Orleans, located on world famous Royal Street.It was a pleasure to get to know Keith and I'd love to reconnect with him sometime soon, oddly I had just posted about old friend, designer Ned Marshall, who lives in New Orleans.
Here's a smashing portrait of RKL in his NYC bed chamber...

via House Beautiful

Dear Richard, (or Keith as I called him) was not shy, and he was until recently, working in a converted bank in New York...he got started by working under the late Keith Irvine, and was then introduced to and worked with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  I always enjoyed his confident and sparkling Southern personality, which was refreshing in the context of the largely Long Island and northeastern student body at FIT then.  Congrats RKL on a job well done!  Looking forward to paying a visit to famous old Brennan's! DF*****
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  1. Wonderful dining and that fabulous bedroom, Richard has great style and panache!!

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