Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"A Kick of French"

Bernard Steinintz, 2014 Biennale des Antiquaires, PARIS
The late, great John Fowler was quoted as saying that "every room needs a kick of French"~a decidedly English point of view, no doubt.  Perhaps this theatrical looking vignette from Benjamin Steinitz, via the Bernard Steinitz website, could illustrate Mr. Fowlers' point? 
Diane  Dorrans Saeks recently posted about the late Myra Hoefer, the California decorator known for her french apartments for Chez Vous, and I found it interesting that she made the comment that the French have a way of living, and decorating, that manages to be modern and antique at the same time.  (see below image)

Myra Hoefer, Healdsburg, CA
Myra loved to use shades of white in her work. and was a darling of the magazine editors.  I chose this image from the post that Diane did, to give an idea of what her style was like. Inspiring, and forever fresh!  Enjoy!!! DF*****

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