Friday, April 3, 2015

Trending Classic, Les Touches

Geoffrey Beene
All of us have always loved the way fashion designer, Geoffrey Beene, used the now famous "Les Touches" from Brunschwig and Fils~ in his dining room in Connecticut, many, many years ago...and I do recall the text saying that the pattern had been hand painted on the walls, to match the festoon fabric shades...brilliant!

Brunschwig and Fils "Maisonette" Collection 2015
Recently, perhaps due to the popularity of ikat patterns, this BF classic has become super trendy, especially with friend Louise Cronan is planning to use it in the less seen aqua colorway with Kelly green in her new Palm Beach cottage.

via Palm Beach Daily News
Mark D. Sikes for Legends of La Cienega

Michael S. Smith, via AD
When I saw this stunning guest room in the Rancho Mirage home of designer Michael S. Smith, I knew I had to post about the fabric! He also got the cover of the new AD~and what a sensational tour de force that house is! See Architectural Digest...DF*****
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Have a very happy Passover and Easter! 


  1. Dean I absolutely adore this pattern in all of its glorious colorways!!
    These rooms are fabulous beyond!
    Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!

    The Arts by Karena
    Ellipsis: Dual Vision

    1. Yes!
      It's been haunting me for some time now- I've been dragging a sample of it with me everywhere! I presented it to a client for curtains, and he went and found fabric at Calico Corners! Yikes!
      It's too bad, since it would have looked fabulous- but what can I do? C'est la vie!

  2. Readers,
    I was just looking at the Beene image, and that looks like a Kips Bay catalogue-

  3. I absolutely love Les Touches... it is such a classic. And it is gorgeous paired with chintz!

    The Glam Pad

    1. Andrea,
      Why am I not surprised? :) It's classic, chic, pretty, fun, and cheerful, like you! After I finally posted about it, I then googled Les's named after a town In France-
      and someone in Texas called The Peak of Tres' Chic had already done a post on it back in January! Do you think this means I am terribly behind the times? LOL!


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