Friday, April 17, 2015

The Pleasures of Home

Don't get me wrong~ I enjoy going out just as much as anyone, but often, after a long day, I truly relish my apres' work cocktail, while enjoying the soft ambiance of my flat in the Moorings section of many of my furnishings hold fond associations, such as the small Michael Aram box shown at the bottom of the above image, which was recently given to me by artist friend, Mally I would love to fill it with Marlboro's, or Gitanes, but alas, the doctor says no more smoking for me!  So, sometimes I will  burn incense just to have some smoke around me, since supposedly smoke follows beauty!
That little box, which I'm crazy for, is topped with silver coral, which reminds me of the beach, not far away~and it sits on a purple faux alligator tray, which sits on the small Parsons table I was given by the late Dean of American Decorating, Mr. Albert Hadley.  He also gave me the Louis XV chair shown above (he allowed me to buy it out of his Naples cottage guest house) and as you know, it's one of my favorite things.

Above, I've created a very Van Day Truex inspired grouping, using things I had and some newer things sourced locally from Chesterdale's Antiques Market...including the pair tole planters from Box Woods, and the pair engravings from Maison Auclair.  The simple glass hurricane was given to me by an old friend who once worked at Sean Johnson Atelier (Naples) and I've enjoyed owning it for many years~Yes, I have considered changing the silk plaid table skirt, possibly to the "Les Touches" pattern in blue, which I had posted about recently...however, you will probably agree, with that bold ikat rug, I probably don't need another ikat looking pattern?  Only time will tell!  Stay tuned!  Enjoy!  
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  1. Dean I so agree with you! Although I love getting out ( I have an art exhibit opening tonight) I love my home and staying in to read, have a glass of wine, watch a Netflix movie. Now I would love living by the water again. It is the little treasures with memories that mean so much!

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    Designer Matthew Patrick Smyth

  2. K,
    I thank you for your comments!
    Something about the nesting and the cocooning is very appealing!
    I am planning to improve my bed chamber, so stay tuned!