Monday, April 13, 2015

Tommy Tune at The Royal Room

Colony Hotel Pool View From Polo Lounge
This weekend, Billy and I visited Palm Beach, as we had tickets to see Tommy Tune perform at The Royal Room...I had a pre-theater manhattan while contemplating this excellent view of the Colony pool...
Colony Hotel, recently redecorated by Carleton Varney
 It was my first time back, since the re-decoration by our friends, Carleton Varney and Brinsley I was excited to see the new decor for myself, which I liked very much...

The famous Royal Room, where Rob Russell presides

Bill Rain, Tommy Tune, Dean Farris
Our new friend, Mr. Peter Glebo, was kind enough to take this quick snap for our 15 seconds of fame! :) He also very kindly gifted William with an original, signed work of art by famous Tommy! (a belated birthday gift)...

Billy with his new Tommy Tune art
 Needless to say, we had a wonderful evening, and saw some wildly attractive people.  There were even some very well behaved children in the audience!  Afterwards, we took a short walk along fabulous Worth Avenue, then headed back to Fort Lauderdale for the remainder of the weekend.  Fun!  DF *****
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  1. Dean, this sounds like such a fun and interesting evening. Seeing the renovation and then William receiving this memorable work of art from Tommy, fabulous indeed! Don't you love making memories like this!?

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi K,
      You are so kind ! Yes sweet memories !