Friday, January 16, 2015

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Dean Farris Interior Design 2015 
While reviewing the new Stephen M. Salny book, on the work of William Hodgins, Boston's preeminent decorator~ I was reminded of how design has a thread, which weaves through my fortunate Parsons faculty education, my European travels (sponsored by my loving parents) and the super talented designers I worked under while in New York.  As you know, I was trained by Tice Alexander, who worked with Albert at the famed Parish-Hadley ~ and just as Stanley Barrows "pushed" Bill Hodgins towards Sister and Albert in the 1960's, so he also guided Tice toward the PH firm in the 1980's...which is why I always mention the Bette Davis movie, "All About Eve" ~ you see, I was Eve Harrington to Tice's Margo Channing !  They always say truth is stranger than fiction, and let me tell you, it is! Suffice to say, nothing is giving me more pleasure right now than the new book,  
William Hodgins Interiors, it's a fascinating account of one designers journey over fifty years, and, continuing in the thread- weaving- through theme, Bill Hodgins worked for Michael Greer!  (I have a very wonderful client from Pittsburgh who hired Mr. Greer many years ago to decorate his French influenced home there, and today I get to work with those same Greer antiques in this clients Naples residence!) To add one more note to this theme, my dear professor Barrows died in the Naples hospital, which had been decorated in the 1950's by none other than Dorothy Draper, who, as many may know, was related to Sister Parish. Finally, I really got to know Albert Hadley well, when he bought a historic cottage from 1925 in Naples, and the rest is history!  Enjoy!  DF *****  
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  1. I can see this is another wonderful designer's life works I will want to peruse!
    Dean I always love hearing about your history with these superb iconic designers.
    Have a fab weekend!

    Featuring "Inner Spaces"

  2. Thanks very much Karena!

    I tend to write run-on sentences- but then, my life in the New York of the 80's and 90's was so exciting and fast paced, it's no wonder!

  3. Karena,
    If you get to see this book, check out the Cohen residence in PB
    the apartment not the house-
    I love it!