Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Carolyne in Carolina

Carolyne Roehm, Charleston, SC
Beautiful and talented, Carolyne Roehm, has done it again! She has created a magnificent "Chinoiserie Room"~in her historic Charleston house, read all about it on her site!  Her taste is exquisite, and flawless...the touches of fuchsia are sublime in this Paris green room.The simple curtains show off the silk fabric, and lighten the mood, while the painted floor evokes Pauline de Rothschild at The Albany...a room for beauty's sake, and for nourishing the soul, and as the lady herself has said, the fulfillment of a long held dream.  Congrats Carolyne!  (it took two years to get the mirrors from England)  CR, the designers designer!DF *****  Here's a great interview with CR on NYSD click here ...



  1. Oh yes Dean, I do adore the flooring and touches of fuchsia!
    A gorgeous room!

    French Artist Frederique Chemin

  2. Karena,
    Read the interview with CR on's very interesting!
    Nothing is more appealing to me than a self created and self made man or woman !
    (not to mention the ability to pick the right partner)
    YES !!!