Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lacca Povera as Inspiration for Doors

Lacca Povera
Recently, I posted about my entry door, and a painted treatment for it.  An Andrew Martin wallpaper and the 18th century art of lacca povera (poor mans lacquer) inspired me to further embellish the door, with a chinoiserie motif~

18th century lacca povera 
The Venetians created this style, and it satisfied a desire in the rococo for opulence, without the extravagant expense.

Lacca Povera commode 
Prints were cut out, pasted on, and varnished over to get the look~see here for more on lacca povera from a 2012 piece by John Tackett on The Devoted Classicist ~

The door before
This door was a plain vanilla, before it was done in a trompe l'oeil molded look with faux marbre~

I cut out plates from left over wall paper, shown above~

A quick snap shot gives an idea of the dramatic look of it~

I haven't yet varnished over the plates.  The varnish will give it a more finished look~ and then I would like to have a leopard rug made for the area to give it a very Madeleine Castaing mood~ stay tuned!  Enjoy!  DF *****

Richard Lowell Neas
Bunny Williams

Here I am 1993, shirt by RL
DFID Lacca Povera Door

Couldn't resist adding this last shot of my "lacca" door ! I finally had a reason to buy Mod Podge from Michaels! DF
(notice the three more pieces I added ~)

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