Monday, December 22, 2014

Foyer Moment

DFID (my personal residence, Naples)
Well, yes, of course I have always wanted to have a real foyer, and the bigger the better!  While I'm not sure this tiny entrance nook could even be called a foyer, you can see here that I made the most of a minimal space, by using the concept of "more is more".  I simply kept adding things, and will continue to do so!  Still need the rug!  Would love a black and white marble floor!  
My dear friend, Judith Auclair, of Maison Auclair recently gave me the pair of "Poseidon" engravings, which really helped to fill in the wall.  The small table was also a gift, as were the pair tassels, the pair blue Bohemian glass vases, the shelled bust, and the small Michael Aram silver box!  Also, the pair bird porcelain candle holders!  I found the pair of tole ware planters in the Chesterdales group shoppes here in Naples.  I did the magnolia arrangements myself.  The small rug and the gilt framed image were also gifts from years ago.  The chair came from Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach.  How personal and comforting!  Enjoy!  DF *****



  1. Dean, yes, this is indeed a lovely foyer. All things very special to you and I love your ideas for the future additions to the space. More is more works beautifully!

    Tis the Sunday before Christmas