Monday, November 10, 2014

Carleton and the Colony

Image via the Colony Hotel site
Of course, I'm super excited that Billy and I are going back to the Colony Hotel, Palm Beach, to see Tommy Tune perform at the Royal Room~ Our friend and colleague, Mr. Carleton Varney, along with Brinsley Matthews and the CV team, have just completed an overhaul of the venerable old hotel.  It presides over the end of Worth Avenue, like a grand queen!

The Royal Room at the Colony, via the Colony Hotel site
We had just missed seeing Mary Wilson, of the Supremes, playing here right before the renovation closed the hotel.  What fun to see Tommy Tune perform!  Here he is (below) with Liz Smith.  

Tommy Tune, via NYSD
So, here come the holidays, once again!  Looking forward to staying in Naples this year.  One of the most enjoyable Christmas holidays I ever spent was in Key West~ back in the late 1970's !!! Imagine the excitement and the fun!  There were no big cruise ships coming in to the port then, so it was quite a different place from what it has become today. Enjoy!DF*****