Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Flowers of La Grenouille

One of my favourite books Clarkson potter 1994

It was only in March, that, after 40 years of devoted work, Charles Masson has finally left his family owned establishment.  I met Charles back in 1994 when he was promoting this small and very charming book of his. He was kind enough to autograph it too.  The book's full of useful information on the art of flowers- and living.  Click here  for a visit to this fabulous site for Grenouille.

There has been some media drama surrounding his departure- read here - but, Mr Masson, being the gentleman that he is, has avoided it mostly.  As his late father had said so well "Bois de la vie" (drink life)  !

Anemones, my favourite flower

It seems that one day, after the paying guests had left, the Massons sat down in the dining room to have their own lunch, and Mr Masson, pere  noticed a ray of sun coming in and shining right in his face.  This is how he got the idea to make a huge arrangement for that window, thus solving the problem, and furthering the tradition of many lavish bouquets in the restaurant.

La Grenouille New York
The arrangement shown above has huge branches of quince that extend out over six or seven feet!

La Grenouille New York

According to Charles, the big secret about Grenouille, is that it's not this grand, haughty (his word) French salle a manger - but the most friendly and affable place in town!  That is one reason why he decided to translate the menu, and open the upstairs room to patrons with smaller purses.  He now plans to open a new place, what he calls the pret a porter to the couture of La Grenouille.  Bon chance Charles!  All the best to you in your new venture! ***** DF

Definition: The word Grenouille is the French word for frog, and in the culinary arts, the term Grenouilles refers to frog legs. The classic French preparation of frog ...