Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mario's New Book - New York Flair!

Santa brought me this early!

Amazon shipped this out pretty fast- and I'm up to page 107- took a break to jot a note to MB, then post this mini blog- :) I just got back from a preview party at Leslie Hindman, they have the estate of Lilly Pulitzer coming up.

I noted also, that Emily Evans Eerdmans used the word "fantastical" in the text- so, Anonymous, if you're reading this, I hope you'll get a big laugh!
  My Mario inspired sash hanger shown above-
Mary gave me this Mario inspired silk table skirt-
Stay tuned for more on this fabulous new book- which is full of wit and fun! Cheers! DF *****  


  1. You, me and Paula Deen - AND Merriam-Websters who concedes it as an alternative to fantastic. I agree with you that our version more vividly evokes strange/whimsical - the real but forgotten meaning of fantastic.

    And Lily Pulitzer estate sale??????

    xx, EEE

    1. Hi Emily! Yes, we have the creative ability to use rarely heard words...who knew? LOL! I love your astute and pithy definition of the word version...
      Yes, Leslie Hindman Auctions has an upcoming LP estate sale- although I hear there will be no Lilly covered sofas- how fantastical!


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