Saturday, November 16, 2013

Norris Home Furnishings, Naples-Style Appointments

Norris Home Furnishings, Naples, FL
Our Naples location, located at 5015 Tamiami Trail North- (just south of the Hilton) is a veritable treasure trove of truly exciting and fabulous accessories and furnishings.  Above, I focused on this amazing waterfall on the wall fountain- and the two Kwan Yin sculptures- just sublime, located in our second floor high-end outdoor living gallery.
Norris Home Furnishings, Naples
 Above, another stunning visual assemblage, featuring a very elegant lacquered bar by Theodore and Alexander.  I particularly like the horseshoe crab sconces in the gilt finish!
Norris Home Furnishings, Naples, Detail of Showroom Display
I do think that, if Mr. Tony Duquette were around today, even he, the maestro of all things fabulous and exciting, would approve of this fantastical grouping, (above) - AND these images are just a very small sample of what's in store for you when you come in and visit our beautiful and warm and friendly designer showroom, here in sunny Naples on the Gulf...we look forward to seeing you!  Cheers!
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  1. thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog.

  2. Dear Peggy ,
    My pleasure, have a delightful thanksgiving!

  3. Only you and Paula Deen say "fantastical". There is no such word.

  4. I love the made-up word "fantastical" - it's a very descriptive cross between fantastic and whimsical !


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