Friday, November 15, 2013

More Stewart Galleries, Palm Springs

Billy shopping at Stewart Galleries
This is the final post on our Wild West trip- we always make time to visit beautiful, eclectic, Stewart Galleries, at the corner of Indian Canyon and Arenas- it's a must, as a charming option to the more trendy Palm Springs Design District, which is located further north, and is almost entirely devoted to mid century modern.  The mix at Stewart is more like a cross between John Rosselli and a Madison Avenue art gallery- they have many fine, well priced original works of art, some of which are by Russian artists.
Stewart Galleries, Palm Springs, CA
Above, I adore this small painted table, something Albert would have liked- especially for a desert project.  I had gotten up early and gone out to hike as I enjoy the morning sunrise and the quiet calm of the morning California desert.  The gallery was not yet open for biz, so I snapped through the glass- original painted finishes like this one are very much in vogue right now.

Stewart Galleries, Palm Springs, CA
I also admired this wonderful old parcel gilt and ivory painted table, probably Italian- or "Continental" as the auction catalogs often say- and it also shows a glimpse of what dear Albert liked- I think Mrs. Brown had a bigger version only with legs in her Long Island house.  On another topic, I attended a nice party last night, here in Naples, for Corbett Lighting- at Wilson Lighting- and the goodie bags had links attached for Philippines relief- here they are if you want to donate-
Stay tuned for more updates on DFS.  DF *****


  1. It looks like you had a great trip out west. I spotted many interesting items including that round table with the scalloped apron.

    1. John, Yes, it's always such a blast to tour California- I had almost decided to relocate there from NYC - but instead landed in Naples-
      That table is fabulous, and I forgot to get the asking price, however the items at Stewart are mostly quite reasonable.


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