Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Decorative Thanksgiving!

William (Billy) turned the chair out!
One of the great pleasures of my long career in decorating and design has been showing others, as I have been shown, what makes me inspired- and the intangible gratification one experiences in doing so.  Billy has become like my own Libby Cameron, whom Albert fondly referred to as "his monster" meaning he created another decorator with a feverish talent.  Billy had the audacity to ask if he could "critique" my new room- which of course I love- and so he suggested a very minor and simple change- just moving one chair further back- which I then turned away towards the small settee- shown above- minor but MAJOR! I love it!  Tice Alexander once did the same thing, in my East 66th street flat, he just started shoving my furniture around- and of course it was so much more interesting when he left- I was simply thrilled and mesmerized!  As private jets come in for the landing every five minutes (I'm in the flight path) Billy prepares to fly off via private jet (known as a "P-J" to certain trophy wives) to the Bahamas- while dear Mary and I will dine at fabulous Ridgeway's- here in gorgeous Naples (see earlier posts on Ridgeway's).
Billy in a relaxed pose
 I took this shot of my talented protege' relaxing on the cognac leather chesterfield, and I love how he tucked his legs up just like Sister Parish always did while sipping vodka laced with clamato juice...and doesn't that little "baroque" table look great sitting on the new ikat printed jute rug? I think so.  Everybody, have a great Thanksgiving wherever you are- even if it's not a holiday you might normally celebrate- Enjoy!  Cheers!  DF *****