Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Desert Elegance, El Paseo

Phyllis Washington Antiques, Palm Desert, CA
One of the high points of our recent trip out west was visiting stunning El Paseo, the Rodeo Drive of the Coachella Valley- there is every designer and boutique you can think of plus a few more, it's one very long shopping street, lined in gorgeous flowers, the greenest grass, all manicured, and Bentley, Rolls, etc...I enjoyed seeing Mr. Brent Hartman, at Maison Felice, aka Phyllis Washington Antiques, immensely- his gallery is 28,000 square feet of my favorite continental furnishings - mixed with some interesting mid century pieces- reminding me of the current mix at F.P. Victoria, back east,in New York...divine!
Phyllis Washington Antiques
So, if one picture is worth a thousand words, then I'd say this one is worth a billion words! The mirror and console shown above are simply my idea of heaven on earth.  I didn't even ask how much- since the gallery has a very charming way of displaying prices on small lucite holders- very nice- and what fun to have your picture taken ( I was a tourist) by Miggs- a drop dead gorgeous half Italian, half Spanish young man who also is a professional model when not working in the shop!  (Picture Nacho but younger and even more handsome).
Striking a pose at Maison Felice 
Back in Palm Springs, I neglected to mention the fabulous food we experienced- there were two places Billy and I especially enjoyed- Wangs In The Desert, and Lulu California Bistro.  We liked Wangs so much we went twice!  The very gracious maitre'd was from Austria- and the food was sublime, I washed it down with a MAI TAI (hello Franny Halcyon)  so good!  At Lulu, we enjoyed a pre-theater dinner - three courses- and I carb loaded with a four cheese penne bolognese- funny, somehow I came back to Florida weighing less! ? !  Stay tuned for more of the accidental tourist- Cheers!  DF *****   

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