Sunday, January 20, 2013

Diamonds In The Sun, A Roman a Clef

Naples, Florida


 Currently, one of my favorite Palm Beach decorators, Leta Austin Foster, has published a wonderful story, called "Night Swimming" - on her blog, called "Decorating With Sheets"- and her post inspired me to write about the time, about five years ago, when I self published a funny little novel, called "Diamonds In The Sun, The Mitzie Newburg Chronicles".  It's a work of thinly disguised truth as fiction- known as a roman a clef- about the town of Naples, Florida, where I've been living for the last 16 years...

Here's an excerpt from one of my favorite chapters, called "The Honeymoon" -

Dinner was aboard the boat, and it slowly cruised up the coast and then turned as the sun was beginning to set.  There was a haze of mist that created a scene from a Turner painting, and the men were in black tie with ivory jackets and the ladies wore chiffon with heavy euro-style jewels.  As the boat returned to the mooring in the bay near the villa, the sunset reflected on the windows of the house and they glittered like diamonds in the sun.  Lamps were being lit in the bedrooms, and the diamonds glowed from within and reflected the sea light in a dazzling display of beauty and peace.

If I had to describe what my little un-edited work is about, I'd say it's about a lady who seems to have it all, but never has enough.  It's about how we all strive to live the best life we can, and I am inspired by people who are so creative, like Leta, and like Tyler Perry, and a writer called E. Lynn Harris, who used to sell books from the trunk of his car, before he got an agent and a publisher.  (Tyler Perry took his life savings of $12,000 and invested it in a play he created.  He kept re-writing this for about 6 or 7 he is estimated to be worth about 400 million dollars).  Inspiring.


A view from my apartment, sunrise
I hope you'll find this post inspiring too, and maybe create something fun and interesting of your own, whatever it is.  ENJOY!  DF *****

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