Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chesterfield, A Love Affair

Recently, the Georgetown antiques shop, Miller and Arney, closed, and relocated here, to Naples.  As luck would have it, I popped in, and met Joe Miller, the owner.  He was most helpful, and very nice.  He even had some tables that had been made by Albert Hadley for a Washington client.  Antiques Center of Naples (239) 596-2636

Anyway, Mr. Miller had this gorgeous, circa 1900 English sofa, and it spoke to me.  I've only wanted one of these for the LAST THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS!!!  So, you can imagine how happy and pleased I was, when yesterday, my movers, MacDonald Moving and Storage, delivered it !

Dean Farris Interior Design

I also obtained a circa 1800 giltwood mirror, which may replace the Andy Warhol silkscreen- coming up in a future post.  I've always loved Edwardian tufted upholstery, and picture this sofa ending up in front of the big fireplace I've also always dreamed of.  One step at a time!  Enjoy!  DF ***** 


  1. Vintage Wine Table, Rue Toulouse Antiques
    Silk Damask Pillow, Maison Auclair Antiques
    Yellow Damask Chair, Hickory Chair Furniture Co.
    Louis XVI Style Chair, Baker Furniture
    Warhol Silkscreen Print, Bond Street Gallery
    Pair Louis XV Style Chairs, Dean Farris Collection

  2. Great photos. So glad you got the sofa of your dreams + meeting such nice people. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

    1. Dear Peggy,

      Thanks, yes, it's nice to get something you've wanted for a long time. Glad you liked my slightly blurry pictures! Have a great day.



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