Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Classics are Forever

Foyer, Hopedene, Newport, R.I.

This foyer and staircase, at Hopedene, a famous colonial revival house in Newport, Rhode Island, inspires me with its elegant simplicity, and grand proportions.  Classic!  The royal red carpet, black banisters, and brightly gilded table look stunning and so correct.

Mandarin Console by J. Alexander, Brian Austin Collection
If the gilding is too much for you, and maybe not so suitable for your lifestyle or your budget, then I'd suggest this interesting piece- which comes in a variety of finishes- we could still hang a very ornamental mirror or painting above it.  Classic!


Exterior entrance, Mary McDonald,  Los Angeles, CA
 Again, I find the work of decorator Mary McDonald, so inspiring.  One walks through a shuttered gate-like door - into an outdoor garden, and then is faced with the front door entrance into the house.  I love the mystery of this, and the charm, it's CLASSIC!  Also classic is the deep taupe colour Mary used on the stucco.  Enjoy!  DF ***** 


  1. I love Mary also...her home here in LA is stunning. Happy Thursday.

    1. Hi Peggy,
      Have you been to her house? I heard it was used as her guest house for a while, when she was married. I'm still wondering if you are related to the late Joesph Braswell, who retired to Pensacola, FL. Let me know!



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