Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kreiss Collection, a Legacy of Fine Design

I'll have to make several more posts to cover the history of this fascinating American success story, a true family legacy, and a powerhouse of Southern California interior design and furnishings.  First founded in the late thirties, by Mr. Murray Kreiss, the company has been handed down through four generations of the Kreiss family.  Recently, the corporate offices were moved from San Diego to Beverly Hills, on world famous Wilshire Boulevard.  Above, a fabulous portrait of matriarch, Eileen Kreiss.  I got to see this fairly large work of art "in person" when I paid a visit to the old Coral Gables showroom, just before it closed - to be re-opened in the chic and exciting new Miami Design District.  (Now open for business on NE 39th)
I love this shot of Eileen and Loren, when he was quite a bit younger.  It's obvious to me that Eileen Kreiss was a truly elegant and obviously beautiful lady- Look at that chic and stylish ensemble she is wearing!  You can see more vintage family portraits like this one on the beautiful and informative Kreiss web site - and I certainly hope that, if you should find yourself in sunny Naples, Florida, you'll stop in and say hello, I am there every day except Monday... (239) 249-6800 in the fabulous new Mercato mixed use complex.

Here's a glimpse of our one year old showroom, one of only nine in the entire United States!  There are now five in California, three in Florida, and one in Arizona.  This shot I took myself, features a setting containing an Aria sofa, a pair of Gatsby wing chairs, Aria low table, and a pair of Centaur benches, with a custom Sabre ottoman, all on a gorgeous silk and wool carpet from Feizy of Dallas.  The art above the Aria sofa is by Carol Fenzel, available exclusively through our Kreiss featuring Interiors By Design West showroom.

Kreiss Panama sofa, Montreal table, pair London lounge chairs, Panama bench, and pair Albany floor lamps, flanking a large work by Artist Carol Fenzel.  Custom toss pillows in designer fabrics and trims through Design West.  Congo area carpet by Feizy, Dallas.  Everyone who visits our showroom raves about the comfort and beauty of this room setting.
Here, Tom and Loren Kreiss share martinis at Mr. Chows, Bev Hills, in 2010.  I always loved going to Chows in Manhattan.  As you can see here, Loren is now a young man, and is taking on a new leadership role within the firm.

This beautiful residence was done for Magic and Cookie Johnson, and featured in Architectural Digest.  We are now designing the sixth house for the Johnsons.  Over the years, Kreiss has designed homes for among others, the Reagans, the Sinatras, Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson, and Michael Jordan.  We try not to drop names, but with a client list like this...
A 1994 image features Mr. Tom Kreiss with President and First Lady Reagan.  I recall the family my father worked for, for many years, lived behind the Reagans.  It was always fun to visit Southern California, when my brother and I were just boys, and we had such a blast terrorizing the hotels our parents checked us into. LOL!

Above, our glam conference room, here in Naples, where we used six Kreiss Thames empire influenced chairs, upholstered in champagne dupioni silk. (Yes, we do drink a lot of wine in here too). The chandelier and sconces are "Allegretto" by Fine Arts Lighting of Miami.  We're most proud that most of the furnishings in our showroom are made in the USA.  Wallcovering is Mica by Phillip Jeffries, available through Interiors By Design West, Naples.  I hope you've enjoyed this post.  Stay tuned for more!  DF *****    


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