Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Contemporary Classical, The Genius of Andrew Skurman

I was very pleased to receive an advance copy of the newly released architecture book, "Contemporary Classical, The Architecture of Andrew Skurman" from the Princeton Architectural Press.
This is a beautifully produced, extremely high quality production, and I think it is a must for anyone interested in neo-classic American architecture.  It's also a great companion to "Rooms To Remember" (Suzanne Tucker - who took over Michael Taylor's business) and the book "Michael Taylor Interior Design" - both of which I've posted about here before.  I was thrilled that one of Mr. Skurmans projects was inspired by a 1940's house in my home town of Albany, Georgia- by Edward Vason Jones.  Here's a fantastic quote from Andrew Skurman, describing his personal philosophy of what makes great architecture.  "I believe that a house wants to be comfortable and welcoming, to express the history of the family, present, past, and future.  Classicism is an expression of this passing of the generations.  If one builds a home, it is compelling to think of it lasting for eternity, both as a work of art and as a sanctuary from the outside world, surrounding you in the warm splendor and beautiful proportions of its classical lines"
This image demonstrates the warmth of classicism that Mr. Skurman refers to... 

One picture is worth...first impressions...architecture by Andrew Skurman

An incredibly beautifully proportioned and detailed stair hall by Andrew Skurman.  Mr. Skurman is principal and owner of San Francisco- and Paris-based Andrew Skurman Architects, which he founded in 1992.  Amazon currently has eight copies of his book available for immediate purchase.  Enjoy!  DF *****  Images, courtesy P.A.P. New York


  1. Dear readers and followers, it's not too late to jet off to the Lagerfeld directed super glam Biennale des Antiquaires, Paris, to shop for your new Skurman designed residence!


  2. I look forward to getting this book, and learning more of Mr. Skurman's work. I am intrigued that (some of?) his work is influenced by Edward Vason Jones, a great idol of mine. I own the monograph of EVJ's work, published in the 1970s, which is one of the treasured (and one of the most frequently-consulted) books in my library. Reggie

    1. Dear RD,

      Wow! I am totally impressed that you own his monograph. This new book is very well done, and has a fresh point of view.



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