Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jewelry As Inspiration and Symbolism

I often meet beautiful women (and men) here in sunny Naples, who are well dressed, well traveled, and well accessorized.  For men, it's mostly about the watch, for ladies, there is more expression.  Even if you don't own a second or third home - you can still be chic and elegant! Go on the sites Kenneth Jay Lane or Amanda Jaron.
Elizabeth Taylor comes to mind at the opposite extreme of collecting.  Her collection sold last year at  Christies for over $115 million, and Kim Kardashian was a big buyer at that sale.  Here, the late ET is shown wearing the fabulous Krupp diamond, which Richard bought for $385,000 in 1968 at the old Parke-Bernet (now called Sotheby's).  Imagine what that translates to in todays currency!   I had a customer when I worked at Bergdorfs, who later became a friend, the Baroness - and she had a similar HUGE yellow diamond that just mesmerized me.  Her hands were so white (she wore gloves) and her nails were the most brilliant of scarlet!  It was really something.  She also wore hats with veils.

One of the fun things about working at BG was that we got to eat all the caviar the day it "expired" We loved it. We also got to eat all of the Maison Au Chocolat truffles as well, as we would not sell them if they were one day past the date.  The seventh floor is the best if you must work in retail.  Once, some customer dropped a Cartier bracelet on the floor, they lost it, and we gave it to the Lost and Found Department.  There are people in NYC who charge hundreds of thousands a month at Bergdorf Goodman.  But I digress!  Above, Liz wears the 1960's Bulgari "Grand Duchess Vladimir Suite", a parure of emeralds and diamonds.  Tice was in Paris and had a large emerald carved with his (Alexander) family crest, and mounted in yellow gold, as a masculine and aristocratic ring.  One of the Robert Metzger clients I was assigned to always wore emeralds and diamonds, and we would go to all the antique shops in her Mercedes limousine.  My friend Mary, also a client of mine, gave me a stunning set of Mario Villa cufflinks, which are huge faux emeralds, carved with warrior heads, and set into rough looking Roman gold.  Mario V is another affordable source of chic bijoux for men and women.

Princess Caroline of Monaco owns some Mario Villa pieces.  This "Mars Brooch" by Mario V is ultra chic, and not as costly as it might appear to be.  Mario comes from Nicaragua, and lives and works in fabulous New Orleans, Louisiana.  He also makes furniture, (save for another post) and has become very successful due to talent and hard work.  I'm excited that we are getting a new jeweler in our Mercato, Mark Loren Designs, stay tuned for more on ML.  One of our other Naples shopping venues, called Waterside, has FOURTEEN jewelry stores!

This gorgeous sapphire brooch, by JAR of Paris, sold for $230,500 at Christies.  As beautiful as it is, and it is, my friend, Amanda Jaron (shown above) could make something for you that would be just as special, but not cost what a new Bentley might.  Amanda is so talented, and her studio is located across from the aforementioned Waterside Shops, here in Naples.  Ah...I still vividly recall the time I was helping George with his Tiffany Table Setting, at 57th and Fifth, NYC, when I got to ride up in the lift with none other than Paloma Picasso, the iconic French designer.  I think of her often, her lips were made up like a work of art, so rich against her very pale blanc de chine face!  You see, all of my life, my father has worked in the jewelry business, and we were often in Beverly Hills on business.  It's a good life, and we all benefited greatly.  Thank goodness for deBeers!   DF XXOO


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