Tuesday, October 20, 2015

M I A M I design dist/Wynwood art dist 10/15

Soyka, Miami
Lunched at Soyka...I had a chardonnay by Starmount and a pizza margarita.. very good...

Seen at Soyka, Miami
Miami Design District
Mecca ! Miami Design District
Designer Steve Matable, Miami Design District
Versace boutique, Miami Design District
Louboutin boutique, Miami Design District
Miami Design District
Miami Design District
Billy at Wynwood Arts District
Poster boy for Miami, Johnny Depp
Shopping as an athletic event..."power shopping" as Steve calls it...we had a ton of fun...!  DF ***** (I think we hit about 16 boutiques, many of which have only recently opened)  See the site link for more info (yesterday's post)


  1. Dean I want to come along the next time, I can see how much fun you and Billy had!!
    ( I love Johnny Depp, just cannot help myself!)

    The Arts by Karena

    1. K,
      You must visit these two areas when you come to Florida!