Monday, June 29, 2015

Yellow is for Ann

The late, great, Ann Downey, Palm Beach, via NYSD
While I never had the special privilege of meeting the talented decorator, Ann Downey, I had always admired her, and her work.  Read Shannon Donnelly's tribute here - she had a definite, clean, crisp, and strong point of view, which is a hallmark of any successful designer.  As well as a fabulous life!  As evidenced by this William Norwich piece here giving one some idea of how Mrs. Downey lived her life.  I also enjoyed the memoir her friend David Patrick Columbia did in his New York Social Diary. 

Does anyone still remember Baby Jane Holzer?  Baby Jane had a little pied a terre at The Volney, on the UES, and so did Ann Downey.  Baby Jane was born in Palm Beach.  All very interesting.   I used to go over to the Volney when I was at FIT, since my friend Scott Lalley was working for Ned Marshall and Harry Schule, and they had a great apartment there, I think it was a penthouse.  Apparently, when Mrs. Downey came back from living in a penthouse in Paris, she took a little place in The Volney.  Fond memories!

I always admired Ann Downey's sense of color- and no wonder, since she worked later for the famous society decorating firm, McMillen.  Also interesting is that she was quoted as saying that Dorothy "Sister" Parish was her favorite decorator.  Demonstrating a very high taste level indeed, and a love of family, and of home.  Rest in peace, dear Ann.  DF *****

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