Tuesday, June 16, 2015

July Issue AD

I greatly enjoyed the July 2015 issue of AD -(Architectural Digest) ~and read with interest the feature called "Design Insiders Guide to Venice" ~Brian McCarthy was quoted as considering the Ca Maria Adele as his home away from home, and I had been thinking about Brian lately, since he is coming out with a new book PARISH HADLEY TREE OF LIFE, with Bunny Williams
Isn't the gran canale like a beautiful tree of life growing through the center of Venice?  It's just these kind of associations that send me off on a long gondola ride through many fantasies of life in its richest incarnation!  My, how I do carry on!   
Also, I was thrilled to see Chris Spitzmiller featured in this July issue, his house is a beautiful tribute and homage to the late Albert Hadley, which he spent the last nine years working on along with Harry Heissmann.  As Bunny herself was quoted "Albert would have adored it"...
AND I did want to mention another new book "Columns by the Sea" by Richard Hampton Jenrette, which features his house in Charleston, SC, known as Roper House.  The book is only $20.00 and the monies fund his Classical Architecture program.  All part of the design world "Tree  of Life" !  DF *****
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  1. Mitchell Owens deserves kudos as well !


  2. Dean, I have great admiration for everyone you mentioned and your aerial view of Venice makes me want to go on a journey! Great recommendations!

    The Arts by Karena
    Closer: Michael Clinton

    1. Karen,
      Thanks ! Hope you will take time out to review the July AD - ! Mitch Owens did a great job on the Spitzmiller house, and Jeffrey Bilhuber reported on Martha Stewart on MDI !!!

  3. News flash: Christopher Spitzmiller online summer sale starts tomorrow at noon!