Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pauline in My Dreams

Baroness Pauline de Rothschild

Last night, after burning my new "Saint Germain" candle from Ralph Lauren, I had the most vivid dream about the late Baroness de Rothschild....she was talking to me, and giving me a tour of her home ~and wearing a tailleur of a chic solid grey fabric, with the most elegant black patent pumps, which were quite low, and very flattering to her long legs and narrow feet.  I just discovered this blog , called the Esoteric Curious, which has a good bio of her life in a very palatable length, do read it!  Enjoy !  DF *****

"The great danger for an American woman married to a Frenchman is to become too French. To assimilate too much of another nationality weakens you. Though on the surface I might not seem to be 100 percent American, I have tried to remain as shaggy inside as possible."

Baroness Pauline de Rothschild

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  1. Dean,
    What an amazing dream and the quote is wonderful! Off to see the site!

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