Monday, March 23, 2015

Doug Meyer for DIFFA Dining by Design

Echo Design at DIFFA Dining by Design 2015 NY
One of the many benefits of blogging, is having virtual experience, and connecting with old friends and new ones as well~Doug Meyer, the designer and artist, created an installation, called "Heroes"-for the 2015 DIFFA fundraiser, and included my mentor and friend, Tice Alexander, along with John Duka, Tina Chow, Angelo Donghia, and Kalef Alaton.  Thanks Doug for a job well done! DF
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The Heroes’ Gallery pays homage to the artistic fallen heroes who were some of the first victims of AIDS. The installation provides a moment of reflection and creativity while honoring the design icons that lost their lives to AIDS. The installation’s nineteen portraits will be displayed in vitrines along the gallery walls. “My desire was for our space to convey a sense of creativity and thoughtfulness in design while also staying true to the mission of DIFFA,” said Luxe Interiors + Design Editor in Chief Pamela Jaccarino. “Doug Meyer executed a space that echoes that sentiment.”

Designed by Meyer, with furnishings provided by Flexform, the space is centered by the company’s Gipsy dining table, along with armless “Betty” chairs upholstered in the Italian manufacturer’s navy velvet (which also lines the installation’s vitrines). “We are pleased to bring great Italian design for a great cause. It is very important to have a beautiful room where you can create long-lasting memories,” explained David Levy, CEO of Flexform New York.

The portraits are influenced by medallions, cameos, intaglios and sculpted and carved busts, and are accompanied by historical didactic panels and labels. Some of the heroes include: Angelo Donghia, Jay Spectre, Alan Buchsbaum, Franklin D. Israel, Tina Chow, Leigh Bowery, Jacques Demy, Sam Wagstaff, Tice Alexander, John Duka and Kalef Alaton. “This space and these portraits were a labor of love; I hope that by creating this space that some of these innovative pioneers’ contributions and existence will become known to a younger generation of talent,” said Meyer.

Edward Celata and Robert Passal via Mon Oncle, by Rio Hamilton
courtesy Doug Meyer
portrait by Doug Meyer
portrait by Doug Meyer


  1. A wonderfully creative tribute to these lost talents, lost much too young! Bravo!

    The Arts by Karena
    A New Gallery in Town!

  2. soo interesting + have to echo Karena sentiments + Bravo!

  3. What a nice tribute. Life is so precious. Nicely done.


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