Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring 2013 Inspirations

Flowers and gardens, always inspiring, always a joy to experience! This house and garden is in Naples, Florida- I love the extravagant look of the layering of elements here.

My friend and collaborator, Judith Auclair, makes amazing things in the art of coquillage, and recently made some large chandeliers for a palace project in Russia.

Authenticity is a recurring theme of mine, and is a major inspiration, not just for Spring 2013, but any time of the year.  I like the suggestion of outdoor living here, and the sunny Mediterranean lifestyle always inspires and lifts me up.  The peach wall with the pale green shutter is sensational, and classic.  DF ***** 


  1. Also inspiring: The new issue of Gulf Shore Life features a villa in Bay Colony we remodeled and designed- Dominique LaManna was the lead designer, great job Dom!

  2. Lovely post Dean! I just love the lemon tree! XOXO LETA

    1. Leta, glad you like it, lets go pick some lemons in Provence!



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