Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Real Estate Roulette

Ardissone, Naples, Florida
Recently, several of my more major clients have been having the urge to either downsize, relocate, or just move for a change of scenery- Above, this condominium building in Naples, I've worked on for the last three years- and just as we were completing the very slow renovation phase, the client decided to list the unit and purchase another in the same building!  These apartments are most interesting, as they are built ON the water- on pilings- on a small "island" off of the island in Park Shore- the unit we had worked on just sold, and included a deeded boat dock.  Below, an aerial view of the complex, which is comprised of six buildings, and was built in 1987.

View facing northeast
If you follow this little ol' blog, you may know that I've also had an important client in Charleston, SC  for the last 14 years- and they too have recently sold their charming, historic house at number 6, Saint Michael's Alley.  We worked on remodeling this small house for about two years, installing a new kitchen, and two and a half bathrooms.  The whole house was done in elegant Scalamandre' silks, to go along with the collection of very good quality 18th-19th c. antiques collected by my client- and after the house sold, the new owner had an offer from Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bitter -(family who founded Scalamandre')!  I found this slightly weird, and amusing at the same time.  Below is a shot of the front facade- built somewhere in the early part of the 1800's, with earlier history going back to the 18th century.

6 Saint Michael's Alley
I'm happy and pleased to report, my clients, who are also good friends, are staying in the neighborhood- just moving further east- to a nice modern apartment house facing the river- on a high floor- with magnificent views of the bridge and the coast.  Below shot gives a good idea of the charm of the area- just south of Broad- and tucked behind Saint Michael's Church.  We bought the paint for the door and shutters on a trip to France.

View facing east
 Back down to Florida- this house I worked on with Billy and many others, for about two years, including Chris Busk, the landscape architect, who is the Mario Nievera of Naples- (below) and these clients have listed this one on the market as well.  It's a tough sell- as it's perhaps slightly overbuilt for the street- although the beach is very nearby, and it has two boat docks with gulf access.  There is also a guest house, which was converted from a small existing house on the property.  This home would be great for an active young family, as either a primary or a secondary home-

Imperial River Road, Bonita Springs, FL
We really enjoyed working on the property, and the interiors were done concurrently with the completion of the house- every room installed- almost the day we got the C.O. (certificate of occupancy) and I also designed the owners new corporate offices, in Estero, Florida.  Below is a real estate listing shot of the music room facing towards the raised front entry- the house is vertically oriented.  Completed in 2009.  Anyone would be most fortunate to acquire this beautiful property for just under two million, it's surely worth much more.  I've always referred to it as "Casa Rioja" - as we used a bright red standing seam metal roof.  You can catch a glimpse of it in the image above. 

Music Room, Casa Rioja, Bonita Springs, Florida 
 I do have more exciting real estate news to share, so stay tuned to Dean Farris Style, and may all of your wishes come true!  Enjoy!  DF *****



  1. Love reading about real estate in your area of Florida. Good work.

  2. Peggy, So good to hear from you- how are things in L.a.? Do you know anything about the Kreiss there on Melrose? Just curious-

    xx DF

  3. Dean, Sounds like you have been busy! Am adding you to my blog list -
    Best, Bart

    1. Thanks Bart! Coming from you, that is a real compliment. I always enjoy your writing.


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    1. Madelline, thanks for your comment!



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