Thursday, November 12, 2015

Peggy G, Why I Must Return to Venice

Peggy Guggenheim, via Habitually Chic
Having been obsessed with the famous art patron and collector, Peggy Guggenheim, ever since I read the fabulous story of her life~(d. 1979) AND there is a new film on her by Lisa Immordino Vreeland click here !  I wanted to share with my loyal readers the time I was on that motoscafo headed towards the Hotel Danieli, and whooshed right on by the famous Castello housing the Peggy Guggenheim museum...on the Gran Canale...

I had wanted very badly, in the brief time I was there in the Venetian islands, to find my way back to her museum,  but I did recall my old friend Nicky Cardone warning me about getting lost and even falling into a canale after one too many Proseccos...(at night) but even with the throngs of daytime tourists, I was quite wistful thinking about dear Tadzio in my favorite Visconti film Death In Venice.  The beautiful young boy who tormented an older man...

So, with all best intentions, I do think Billy and I will be in Venice sometime next year.  I promised myself I'd return with someone who was important to me, and of course, would love to go for the biennale too.  But, if only to visit the Guggenheim Museum, that would be reason enough!  DF *****


  1. Dean, Now that is a trip to look forward to this next year. I have also been very intrigued by Peggy Guggenheim's life; love reading about her and must see this new film by Vreeland!

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    Artist Sandra Goroff

    1. K,
      Apparently Peggy was quite an adventuress. Thanks for commenting!