Monday, November 23, 2015

Neoclassical in Naples

3555 Gordon Drive, Naples, FL
Yesterday was a glorious weather day, and as I so often do, rode all the way down Gordon Drive to enjoy the beach and the breezes...and just happened to discover this hidden jewel of a house...approached down a long drive behind two other houses and hugging Champney bay, with good views of the gulf as well.  It's a 2009 house built to look at least 100-200 years older.  Price has been reduced from 20M to 16M...I particularly liked the distressing on the side of the guest house-garage. (not shown here) A LOT to be thankful for! DF

3555 Gordon Drive, Naples, FL via MLS


  1. Call me the next time you go house stalking. It would be so fun to chat about all of them.

    1. Linda,
      Yes! We must do that sometime. Once we get past the holidays lets plan a day of exploration.